About Us

Investec Private Limited Company is a leading international company with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Our company is incorporated under the company laws of United Arab Emirates and we have branch offices in New York, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are a base metal focused mining company with a long-life operation and a world class pipeline of copper orientated growth projects.

Company History

We operate a large, long-lived geographically diverse assets with significant proven and probable reserves of higher grades of copper ores of no less than 10 % grade and copper concentrate. The Copper ores we are mining and the copper concentrate we are producing are free from hazardous waste materials such as arsenic and high radiation. We are also specializing in mining other base minerals such as Lithium , Manganese, Silica, Suglite, Zinc, Aquamarine , Quartz, Beryllium, Amazonite and Blue Sapphire.

In extracting the raw material that we all need in our daily lives, we draw from our experience of more than 5 years of mining experience in which we provide the products the world needs. We work sustainably, transform lives and create better futures for our communities. Our mission is to create a sustainable value and strong returns by leveraging our core strengths in community relations, focused exploration, mine development and efficient operations.

Lastly, safety comes first our whole way of working is focused on zero harm . We plan for the lifecycle of the mine and beyond.We use our own technologies for reducing waste and protecting environments.

Investec Statement

The value Investec creates and the impact it has is embodied in its purpose statement: “We care about our people, our communities and our planet”. Our inclusion and diversity principles align with our core values of safety, respect, integrity, excellence and commitment, and are reflected in our principles of business conduct and other company policies.

Our Vision

To be a leading base metals mining company which produces a high quality level of good base metals.

Our mission

To safely deliver quality products through innovative modern mining technology with zero harm to the environment .

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